sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014


Hey guys!
So today I've been taking photos, I haven't told you yet but I love photography, in every ways. First of all I'd like to show you some photos of today, I'd really like to know your opinion guys!

I really hope you like this! Today I'm really tired, I've been out with some of my friends and I'd really love to show you the ottfit I was wearing today, It's a simple outtfit, to go out with your friends and stuff like that. Let me know your opinion please!

viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014


Hey there!
My name is Marta and I really love fashion, so i decided to start a daily  blog (yes, yes, yes!) where I will post all my clothes, jawelery... but also I will tell you things about me, the things that I'll do everyday... So I hope you like it guys!
Today I will show you one of my favourite necklace from Stradivarius, I really love it! Sorry because I haven't got photos of the clothes I was wearing today, I have been really busy with school and all that stuff so... SORRY! I promise I'll do it tomorrow, really! Haha

Thank you guys!